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5 quick ways to increase conversions for your design clients


Today we'll go over a few quick tips for your design process that will reduce extra revisions and changes in your web design projects.

We all want to help our clients get better results in their business. Happy clients are a whole lot more fun and by now you know that happier clients mean more business for you. Here are 5 quick ways to increase conversions for your design clients.

But designing a website that gets good conversions isn’t as easy as we’d all like it to be so today we’re going over 5 quick ways to boost conversions for your design clients.

Before you do anything, it’s important to keep in mind that the “right kind” of conversion will be different for each of your clients. Some will want more email opt-ins while others are focused on booking consult calls or selling products. Get that information from them at the beginning of the project and keep it in mind for every decision you make.

end each page with a call-to-action

The first way to boost conversions for your client is to end each-and-every page with a call-to-action. This probably comes naturally on most pages, but don’t forget things like the About and Contact pages.

For example, the About page is a great place to send visitors to your client’s product or services pages.

Something else you might want to consider for this point is building in a call-to-action at the end of blog posts. It can be as easy as displaying related posts or creating a spot for an opt-in form. That way, your client won’t have to remember or do extra work each time they write a post.

keep each page focused

The second way to increase those conversions is to keep each page focused. Don’t let any distractions sneak in, like extra social media widgets or calls-to-action that won’t lead someone closer to your client’s end goal.

Make sure places like the navigation menu, sidebar, and footer stay completely focused and free of distractions.

don’t ask for the sale too soon

The third tip is to make sure your clients aren’t asking for a sale too soon.

We know that no one is going to book us for a high-priced product or service from, say, the header section of our website, but your client might not know that. If they want a high priced product or service advertised in a place that it won’t do them much good, be sure to explain why it’s not going to benefit them, rather than just going along with it.

You can even create quick funnel guide or workbook to give your clients before a project starts to make sure they’re educated about the different stages an audience member will have to go through before making a purchase.

include pictures on more than the about page

The fourth way to increase conversions is to include pictures of your client on more than just their About page.

Knowing what someone looks like adds an extra layer of trust, which is such an important part of the buying process. Do your best to make sure that someone won’t land on your client’s website without knowing what they look like.

Consider adding images to the homepage, sidebar, or even at the end of each blog post to help build trust.

show off testimonials

And last, if your client has testimonials from their own clients or customers, help them show them off.

Testimonials don’t do your client much good if they’re sitting buried in a portfolio project, so pull out the best few to feature on a separate page or even add to the homepage.

how can you boost conversions for your clients?

Increasing conversions for your clients doesn’t have to be hard, but it can take a little work. During your next project, pay attention to the things you’re adding to your design that could be helping or hurting the conversions you get for your clients.






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