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4 things missing on your services page (if you’re trying to attract design clients who value website strategy)

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Find out the 4 things you could be missing on your services page if you’re trying to attract design clients who value website strategy.

Attracting the right types of clients is something that takes time for anyone getting started with a new business or changing direction in one they’ve been running for a while. It would be nice if we could just make a conscious decision to start targeting someone new and have it magically happen, but that’s not the way it works.

So today we’re going over 4 things you could be missing on your services page if you’re trying to attract design clients who value website strategy.

why do you want clients who value strategy?

Let’s start by talking a little bit about why you might want these kinds of clients.

If you go scrolling through one of your favorite Facebook groups, it probably won’t take long to find someone looking for a web designer. The problem is, a lot of these potential clients are the type that want a website for $200 by next Wednesday.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not the type of client I want to be working with.

What if, instead, you could get the clients who have total respect for your process, decisions, and expertise? Rather than guiding your design or questioning your choices, they totally trust you to do your job.

That is why we want clients who value having a strategy behind your website.

These people are the ones who will respect your process while being willing to pay for results.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s touch on 4 improvements you can make on your services page to start attracting these amazing mystery clients.

1. mention strategy just as much as the way the site will look

First, it’s important to get out of the habit of selling your design services as something that just makes a website look good.

Instead of focusing on the way the final product will look, focus on what kinds of results it will get your clients based on the strategy behind your design decisions.

This is going to get you clients who are interested in and willing to pay for results, rather than someone who just wants a pretty website quickly for no money.

As a good rule of thumb, whenever you mention the way their final website will look, also say something about how the strategy will help their business grow.

2. add strategy as part of your process

Next, if you have the steps of your process listed out on your website, make sure something related to strategy is one of those steps.

So for you it could look like onboarding, moodboard, logo, website strategy, design, development.

That way, your clients will be keyed in on how important that piece is before even inquiring about your services. And again, those people who already understand the value of a strategic website will be that much more likely to look into working with you.

3. show off your testimonials

Third, if you aren’t showing off a few testimonials on your services page, you’re missing out.

While it might seem like they break up the flow of the page, it’s really important to have that social proof and extra way to get your clients excited.

At the end of each major section of your services page, add a testimonial that specifically mentions the results you got their business, rather than how fun you were to work with or how pretty the final product was.

This again will help potential clients be interested in the right kinds of things when they reach out to work with you.

4. focus on the results

And last, make sure your services page focuses on the results more than the tangible items and materials your clients will get.

Letting your clients know they’ll receive logo files, a website, a support period, and whatever else is definitely important, but those kinds of things are way harder to sell for a premium price than being able to say you’ll boost their conversions or increase sales of a product or service.

Because of this, it’s best to mention the files and materials they’ll get once on your services page, and focus on the results everywhere else.

attract clients who are willing to pay for results

As you can probably imagine, focusing your services page on the real results you get your clients is much more likely to attract someone who is willing to pay for those results, rather than someone who just wants something to look nice.






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