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Creating a website can be pretty overwhelming, right? There’s so much information that you need to include and it can be difficult to direct users where they need to go without cramming a million things on the page. As a designer, I always approach websites with an engagement-centered focus – I want the websites that … Leer más

How to create profitable offers that attract the clients you want to work with

Build ease and sustainability into your business by creating packages and offerings that honor how you like to work. I’ve offered everything under the sun over the last 5 years as Christine Marie Studio – from a website in 10 days to discount packages for new businesses to 5-figure custom work. Figuring out what to charge and how to … Leer más

The Perceived Value of Money

About Free Feedback Scripts DF Workflow DtD Course Blog Talking about money is the awkward, but necessary, part of business. At some point in every sales conversation, the issue of money always comes up. If you struggle with pricing, keep reading… Money is a funny thing… no wonder we struggle. Talking about money is the … Leer más