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  • 4 formas de sobrevivir a fases de negocio lento slow sesion

    Have you ever had a moment in your business when things are just slow? When you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but not really going anywhere? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too! We all go through slow seasons no matter how experienced or established we are. And as much as slow seasons suck, they […]

  • página de inicoi que venda

    Creating a website can be pretty overwhelming, right? There’s so much information that you need to include and it can be difficult to direct users where they need to go without cramming a million things on the page. As a designer, I always approach websites with an engagement-centered focus – I want the websites that […]

  • The answer to better pay and better clients (it’s not better design skills)

    You can be the most skilled designer in the world, but if you can’t work collaboratively with a client, your design skills won’t do you much good. Here’s what I know after more than 27 years into this design career… it’s not something they teach you in school and not something you find easily on […]

  • The mindset keeping you from attracting better clients and commanding higher prices

    About Free Feedback Scripts DF Workflow DtD Course Blog The mindset keeping you from attracting better clients and commanding higher prices We can’t help ourselves. We get nervous/excited on a consult call and blurt out “yes I can do that for you” and then cringe when we realize what we promised as we hang up […]

  • How to create profitable offers that attract the clients you want to work with

    Build ease and sustainability into your business by creating packages and offerings that honor how you like to work. I’ve offered everything under the sun over the last 5 years as Christine Marie Studio – from a website in 10 days to discount packages for new businesses to 5-figure custom work. Figuring out what to charge and how to […]

  • Hourly vs. Value Based Pricing – Which is better?

    Wondering which pricing system is best for your creative business? Let’s explore each option so you can move beyond indecision and quote with confidence. How do you price creative work? Want to get involved in a lively conversation, ask a creative entrepreneur about pricing. It seems we all struggle and second-guess ourselves when it’s time […]

  • How to connect your daily actions to big goals and move your business forward

    You’ll no longer skip your business development days because you aren’t sure what to work on. Everything you do tangibly connects to something bigger. It’s that time of year… when we instinctively reflect back and look ahead at the same time. Throughout most of my design career I’ve flown from one year into the next, […]

  • The Perceived Value of Money

    About Free Feedback Scripts DF Workflow DtD Course Blog Talking about money is the awkward, but necessary, part of business. At some point in every sales conversation, the issue of money always comes up. If you struggle with pricing, keep reading… Money is a funny thing… no wonder we struggle. Talking about money is the […]

  • Area of innovation :: You can only pick one

    Your area of innovation is a type of marketing promise you make to potential clients… and if you want to be believable, you can only pick one. Quality. Convenience. Price. You can only pick one. Your area of innovation is the thing you are known for… the way you stand out from others who do something similar. […]

  • Leading yourself: how to build a habit of self leadership

    Who provides leadership in your business? When I left the corporate world to run my own business, the freedom was almost intoxicating. Suddenly I could forget about my alarm clock and stop worrying about a lengthy commute. There was time in my schedule for vacation days and mental health moments, doctor’s visits and school events…. […]