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  • Leading yourself: how to build a habit of self leadership Who provides leadership in your business? When I left the corporate world to run my own business, the freedom was almost intoxicating. Suddenly I could forget about my alarm clock and stop worrying about a lengthy commute. There was time in my schedule for vacation […]

  • How to guide clients when you don’t feel like a leader

    I think I give the impression that I’m more put together than I really am. I have my client process to thank for that. Seriously. I initially rejected the idea of creating a documented process. Up until about 5 years ago, I had been a “fly by the seat of my pants” designer. I kept… […]

  • How to charge more for your work without adding deliverables

    When you demonstrate real value to potential clients, you can charge more for your creative work. This means doing more than simply adding deliverables to your package. What does it take to successfully charge more for your work? Great question, isn’t it? Something inevitably happens on the journey to building a successful business. We complete a […]

  • How to find the right clients – keys to upleveling your design business Upleveling your design business is about more than raising your prices. To be successful, you need to take action to improve your marketing game. Not sure where to start? Read on. Time for some straight talk about up-leveling your business. I’m tired of […]

  • conquer imposter syndrome: 4 ways to free yourself from fear and doubt as a designer

    C How to silence the scripts in your head and push past the fear and stagnation keeping you from doing the work you were meant to do! I know the scripts you play in your head when insecurity sets in… because I play them too. I’m not a strategic enough designer to do this project. […]

  • How I plan my days – a flexible schedule that allows creativity to thrive

    How to be more effective inside your current constraints – rather than trying to simply produce more by carving out more time. I know you’ve seen them… excel charts mapping out the perfect “productive” week. My first thought is these people must not have kids. That might be true, but my that-could-never-work-for-me reaction isn’t about kids […]

  • Content-gathering tactics for larger projects

    Focus your efforts on helping clients visualize their content and you’ll see a reduction in, if not a complete elimination of content delays. Most of it has been advice centers around the type of client I usually work with… the service-based entrepreneur with around 10 pages worth of content. You’re thinking, Christine, I have clients with […]

  • A behind-the-scenes look at my web design process

    A behind-the-scenes look at my web design process A better web design process creates opportunity for the best design solutions. The best design solutions are a reflection of the partnership between client and designer. Can you identify with any of these scenarios? Projects get delayed months because clients are slow to provide content. Clients don’t […]

  • So, you want to collaborate with a copywriter

    … How to build a strong working relationship with a copywriter (who can elevate the quality of your work). You’re tired of waiting for content that never arrives. You’re fed up with editing the copy your client finally delivers in an attempt to whittle thousands of words down to the right amount of content for […]

  • How I schedule a client web design project

    I want to start out by saying, in 25 years I have yet to perfect this. What I have learned is to give myself grace and margin. Before I dig into how I schedule a client project, I want to address some of the things that can disrupt client scheduling. You have to decide what… […]